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Michele’ style was perfect for me. I felt completely at ease from the moment we met. Michele had the perfect combination of professionalism, empathy and EQ. She left me feeling reassured, excited and positive about how I would tackle my challenges, and she has gifted me with visualisation and CBT tools that I can use for the rest of my life. Michele’s ability to seamlessly combine CBT with hypnotherapy was incredible. After just three sessions, I feel like a different and stronger person. – Sophie

I had a wonderful hypnotherapy session which helped me increase my focus and deal with my anxieties around studying. Michele guided me into a state of total relaxation, and as I was in that state, she gave me solutions that I could use in my everyday life to cope with my inability to concentrate and my fears around studying. I would highly recommend seeing Michele for anxiety-related issues. – KookHee A.

Michele really helped me to relax and see my issues around relationships and anxieties from a calm, neutral perspective. I've been in therapy before, but I found Michele so easy to talk to, and her approach was really well-educated, yet very empathetic to my  individual needs. Hypnotherapy was new for me, but with her expert guidance, it seemed so easy, and I really gained strength and insight after each session. I'd recommend Michele to anyone interested in CB Hypnotherapy.. – Vince T.

I found my sessions with Michele very insightful in working through issues I had been grappling with since childhood. She actively listened to and empathised with my problems and we came up with healthy coping mechanisms. It was her hypnotherapy sessions that especially helped me relax and tap into my inner childhood memories in a place of safety. Her ability to make me feel calm allowed me to also grow more confident, assertive, and comfortable in my own skin. – Cathy G.

Michele’s sessions are thorough and goal-oriented. She helped me understand the root of my problem, and therapy with her made it easier for me to adopt better behaviours. She also has the most soothing voice! – Christine Y.

Michele helped me with my primary goal of coping with chronic insomnia. She gave me exercises I could practice on my own, which helped me get back to sleep when I awake in the middle of the night. She has a very calming presence and I trust her absolutely. Thank you Michele! – Karling H.

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